The girl behind the camera …

This is me … this is me with my family.. My crazy loud family.

I’m a little reserved until you get to know me.

I’m a little unsure of myself.. I’m always questioning myself am I doing it right, how can I do it better.. I have regrets about my past but I’ve learnt they are what got me here, they can’t be changed…..

I wear gumboots, actually I love wearing my gumboots – a session on the farm just isn’t right with out my gumboots.

I love black tea – no sugar.. I don’t drink coffee… Cheesecake, if cheesecake isn’t on the menu then I don’t want to eat there..

I adore my hard working, over opinionated, drives me crazy, can’t live without him, super supportive husband ” Trent”…

Trent and our 5 kids, yes you read that right 5 kids! are my inspiration, my drive to be a better person… which brings me to my love for family photography.

I treasure every photo I have with my family (even the ugly ones and trust me there are plenty of these). I love (and have totally put dibs once the inevitable happens) my childhood family photos.

Family…. I want the families that trust me with their images to have real moments captured – that show who they are today! So that you can look back and say things like “oh look that’s when tom had no front teeth” or “see this is Jane before her freckles came out” or “awe look at mum and dad, I want a love like that”.

FAMILY PHOTOS ARE IMPORTANT!!! they should be the art on your walls…