What to wear

You’ve booked your photo session here at Saltwater Creek Photography! Yippee thats was the easy part.. Now it time to think about what you are going to wear!!!

Deciding what to wear is just as important as deciding on your photographer (which you just totally passed with flying colours there 🙂 ).. Your wardrobe choices can make or brake your photos!

I offer a “find it in my wardrobe style”  – this is where I come to your house and go through your clothes you already have – we work together using all outfits to find one that suits your style family.  sometimes you will only need to pick a few smaller items – cardi, shoes or a scarf. We lay all the outfits out and see what works – its lots of fun!

or  you can text me photos  – when you shopping , – or at home. I’m here to help when it comes to styling..

I also have a range in gorgeous girl dress – sizes vary that you are able to borrow.

A few tips for starters

Lets start with MUM – you need to be comfortable, if your comfy and relaxed , so will your family be and it will show in your photos! So chose your entire outfit , including shoes and accessorises

So now MUMs outfit is decided, now its time to work out what everyone else is wearing – this is done by drawing from the colours you have chosen for MUMs out fit .. Remember to stick to 2-3 colours no more … neutrals with touch (pops) of colour always works well.


* Stick with neutrals and versions of primary colours. EG: Yellow (mustard), red (maroon, brick), and blue (navy, royal).
* MUM & DAD wear what you feel good in.
* Layer, layer layer. Did mention I love layers! – necklaces, floral headdress, cute belts, cardigans, belts, statement necklaces, scarves, hats, blazers.
* If buying new cloths – purchase them to fit!!
* Matching is out. Coordinating is in .. Coordinating colour is what really brings wardrobe together. Choose two to three main colours of wardrobe, and maybe one accent pop of colour.
* Dress for the weather, and be flexible.
* Shoes are a very important part of wardrobe.
* figure out your style and roll with it..

Check out my pintrest “What to Wear” page for inspiration.

Things to avoid –

* Wearing solid WHITE (layered with another colour is fine) or BLACK
* Stripes
* baggy clothing
* Tracksuits
* Fluorescent colors